Launching a Business Website Is Best Left to a Web Design Professional

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Launching a Business Website Is Best Left to a Web Design Professional

20 August 2020
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When a company launches a new website, it is an exciting time. Not only is the team in the office eager about the new reveal, but they have likely told all their clients about the launch as well. Unfortunately, even with all the excitement, a lot can go wrong if the site has not been designed by a professional. Learn about some of the areas that are often overlooked when companies take on web design themselves.


Some individuals spend each day looking for ways to breach websites for the sole purpose of stealing information. When security is an afterthought, a business basically leaves their website for these criminals with a pretty bow on it.

The type of security measures necessary is largely based on the type of information that is exchanged on the site, so it is best to consult with a professional. It is also worth noting that the algorithm of many search engines also analyzes the site's security features for ranking. So, if security is an afterthought, you should not expect to rank high. 

Cross-Browser Usage

Your company may have a preferred browser that is used within the office. However, you want to keep in mind that not every person that visits your site will use the same browser. Sometimes, nonprofessionals forget this factor and fail to design their website in a manner that can be supported across different browsers.

When a company makes this mistake, the appearance of the website may look different for certain users and certain functions of the website may not operate correctly. Ultimately, it can make the website less than useful. A professional can help you launch your new website in a fashion that is compatible across all browsers. 


Designing the navigation piece of a website is much like telling a story in that every component should logically flow into the next. Users prefer websites that they can easily navigate, but some people with less experience do not always understand this factor.

For example, if a user is trying to find the contact information for your business, there should be a clear link or a direct under a related topic, such as company information. If the user has to search for this information or it is located in an unexpected location, it makes navigating the website a challenge.

You can avoid these, and many other mishaps, by partnering with a web design service, so make sure you reach for assistance.