Two Things You Can Do To Increase Lead Conversions For Your Law Office

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Two Things You Can Do To Increase Lead Conversions For Your Law Office

12 September 2017
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It doesn't do your law office any good to generate leads but not convert them into paying clients. Unfortunately, getting potential clients to take the next step and commit to hiring you to handle their legal needs can be the most challenging part of the sales funnel. Here are two things you can do to increase your lead conversions for your law firm so you can build a profitable practice.

Offer a Free Service

Since lawyers typically bill clients by the hour, time is literally money. Therefore, it may seem counterintuitive to give it away by performing legal services for free. However, there are a couple of reasons why you may want to try this approach.

First, doing something free for the client gives you an opportunity to get to know the individual better and learn about his or her needs. For instance, writing a demand letter to an insurance company on behalf of the client for free can help you learn more about the individual's case which, in turn, provides an opportunity to offer other helpful services the client may be willing to pay for.

Second, taking a "try before you buy" approach lets you demonstrate your experience and expertise and gives you an idea of what the client is like. The client may be perfectly willing to pay for your services, but it may not be worth the money if the person is a complete hassle to deal with.

Educate the Client

People don't always understand why they need an attorney. Many times they feel they can handle the issue on their own and realize too late that they should have sought out legal assistance. Other times, people may have misconceptions about the process that prevents them from hiring lawyers. For instance, many people don't fully understand that personal injury lawyers typically take cases on a contingency basis rather than charge hourly fees and what that means for them as clients.

Try to anticipate some of the questions clients may have and put the answers in easily accessible places, such as your website or a FAQ sheet they can pick up at your office. An educated client will typically feel more comfortable and empowered to take the next step and actually hire you to represent him or her.

Converting leads can be challenging, but making the effort can help you build a successful and profitable practice. For more advice about this issue or help converting leads, contact a local marketing company.