Has Your Website Been Up A Long Time? 5 Reasons Why You Should Redesign It

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Has Your Website Been Up A Long Time? 5 Reasons Why You Should Redesign It

15 June 2016
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Your website is a big part of your business, as it helps you keep your current clients and bring in new ones. It is important that once your visitors reach your website that it is designed in a way that they will stay there. If your website has been up for a long time with no changes, below are some reasons why you may need to redesign it.

Website Loads Slowly

If a visitor arrives at your website and has to sit and wait for it to load, they will become frustrated and leave. This is not good for your business, as you would be losing a lot of sales Try to bring your website up on your computer to see how fast it comes up so you can see for yourself if it is slow.

Information Is Out Of Date

If your business has grown or changed in any way since you set up your website, your content may not be up to date, as well as any images of your services or products. For example, if you have added any new products to your company, they should be on your website for customers to see. You may have products or services listed on your website that you no longer offer.

Is Not Mobile Friendly

Most people today navigate to websites from their smartphone. For this reason, your website should be mobile friendly. This means when they bring it up, the size of your website will fit the phone's screen. If it does not, they will have to scroll left to right a lot to be able to read everything, and this can be very frustrating. Make sure the website will also work on tablets. The font used for your text should be large enough for people to easily read.

Content Is Outdated

The content on your website is one of the most important things. If your content is out of date, then you need to update it. For example, if you have articles on your site that are a few years old, remove them and write fresh content. What you write should be easy for your readers to understand and it should be readable. Use bullet points and use short paragraphs in your articles. Make sure the title and the first paragraph shows your readers what the content is about. Studies show that 55% of visitors only spend about 15 seconds on a website, so they will likely not read an article if they do not know what it is about.

If you have no experience with web design, you should hire a website designer to do this for you. They will also give you many more tips to make your website user-friendly.