Creating A Successful Website: 4 Web Design Bloopers To Avoid

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Creating A Successful Website: 4 Web Design Bloopers To Avoid

25 September 2015
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There are millions of websites on the Internet today. Some websites are beautiful and helpful, while others are cluttered and confusing. If you want to succeed on the World Wide Web, you need a website that is designed well.

If you think your website is up-and-running, but you aren't getting the results you want, make sure your website isn't suffering from four these web design mistakes:

1. An All Flash Design

All Flash websites used to be all the craze, but they quickly vanished. While they are pretty to look at, they are often slow to load. Even worse, some devices cannot load Flash—so it might be completely unusable to an entire group of people, such as those running iOS devices. If you must have Flash on your website, make sure you have a basic HTML layout as well. That way everyone can view your website, regardless of their hardware.

2. It's Not Search Engine Friendly

Your website needs to be somewhat search engine friendly if you want to get higher ranks. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of making a website easily readable to search engines. It also tells search engines what your website is about, which helps you be seen by the right eyes. While you don't need advanced SEO, you do need to have the basics such as a sitemap, keywords, and good content.

3. It's Not Mobile Friendly

According to Smart Insights, there are more mobile users than there are desktop users. If your website doesn't support mobile devices, you might be missing out on as much as 51 percent of the population. So make sure your website supports mobile users, or you're going to lose potential customers.

3. There's No Contact Information

Another huge mistake is not putting your contact information in a visible location. Ideally, your contact information should be on every single page. However, you can also place it on a single page if you don't feel like putting it everywhere. Just make sure it is easily visible and up-to-date. Additionally, consider linking your social media accounts to your website. This makes it easy for viewers to see your reputation, products, and services without searching for your information individually.

4. It's Too Busy

Finally, make sure your website isn't too busy. You shouldn't be used several different fonts, sizes, or colors. Stick to the basics and don't go overboard. One or two fonts, sizes, and colors are enough. In addition, don't clutter the page with graphics, audio, or other distracting items that take away from your website. Keep it simple and don't overthink it.

Creating a good website might seem difficult, but the key is to keep it simple. If you aren't skilled in web design or are still feeling lost, consider hiring a professional to do it for you so that you don't commit these four web design bloopers.