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3 Tips To Get Top Dollar For Your Website

30 September 2015
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Do you run a blog, ecommerce store, or other website that you wish to sell? The good news is that there are many websites and other outlets that now allow you to list and sell a website just like you would any other asset, such as a vehicle or property. Potential buyers review the listings, analyze any information you provide, and then will enter into negotiations with you if they're interested in making a deal. Read More …

Creating A Successful Website: 4 Web Design Bloopers To Avoid

25 September 2015
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There are millions of websites on the Internet today. Some websites are beautiful and helpful, while others are cluttered and confusing. If you want to succeed on the World Wide Web, you need a website that is designed well. If you think your website is up-and-running, but you aren't getting the results you want, make sure your website isn't suffering from four these web design mistakes: 1. An All Flash Design Read More …